Fernando Mittelmeer

About Fernando Mittelmeer


I was born virtually in a shoe box. My whole family has been traditionally involved in the shoe world. My grandfather was a shoe manufacuturer and ran a shoe factory on the ground floor of his house, where I used to play every single day with my cousins. My father was a shoe designer, and I used to drink my baby bottle every night while he was designing shoes in our living room. He was used to falling asleep with a pencil in his hand

My father was one of the best shoe designers in Spain…

I have been developing shoes for the most important fashion companies in the world for 26 years. I am now 44 and, after my recovery from a brain stroke, I feel it’s just the right time to launch my own brand.



Fernando Mittelmeer shoes’ philosophy is to create trendy elegant women shoes with the best materials and the highest quality, and entirely manufactured in Elda (Spain), my hometown and traditionally home to high-quality shoes. All our shoes have insoles particularly designed by podiatrists to walk comfortably on heels.

Brand Name


Mittelmeer means  Mediterranean Sea in German. Our Whole collection is inspired by Mediterranean cities around the “Mare Nostrum” Coast.



Our logo consists of 4 waves and it is based on sailing inspiration: After the 3 fast waves comes the fourth one, the one which encourages us to go ahead with the right intensity.


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